Explore the world’s most attractive financial centers with the Open Financial Ecosystem indeX (OFEX)

  • Scientifically robust and fully transparent, OFEX allows for informed decision-making. 
  • Discover the four main axes of attractiveness and the list of attractiveness indicators designed with experts.  
  • Create your own ranking by customising the weights and indicators that you find relevant. 

What is OFEX?

Open Financial Ecosystem indeX (or OFEX) is an index jointly created by Institut Louis Bachelier and the Centre for Financial Studies of the Goethe University that assesses the attractiveness of dozens of financial centres worldwide. Its main focuses are being scientifically robust, transparent and as objective as possible.

What is a Financial Centre?

A financial centre is a place that ensures the meeting of multiple actors who contribute to the proper functioning of financial markets within ecosystems that generate important synergies.

Financial centres attractiveness has been defined as the set of parameters that overall influence financial decision makers choices about where to do business.


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The Institut Louis Bachelier in Paris and the Center for Financial Studies in Frankfurt have joined forces to facilitate and promote new research interactions between the two organisations, for the benefit of all actors involved in finance and economics. Together, they have developed OFEX to provide a common reference tool on the attractiveness of financial centres, open and accessible to all actors interested in financial centres (public, private, academic).